mla vs the moocs

click here to see a number of short letters to the nyt in response to thomas l. friedman’s mooc manifesto, including one (scroll down) from modern language association president marianne hirsh (as well as a couple of college presidents and, the most eye-grabbing name for a fan of british fin de siècle literature and culture like myself, margaret stetz!).

my title was meant to invoke films like mothra vs godzilla, though i was toying with others such as invasion of the student body snatchers, etc.  if you’re looking for some fun of your own along these lines, have at the pulp-o-mizer, where you can make your own mooc meme!  (thanks to old mdub pal michael bibler for 1st calling my attn to this excellent procrastination tool!)

3 thoughts on “mla vs the moocs

  1. Jim Groom

    I am blown away by how pervasive the MOOC hysteria has been, it is truly remarkable. What’s more, it hints at some of the disaggregation of higher ed that Weller was pointing to in the music and newspaper industries. It is not a 1 to 1 comparison, but the model for outsourcing and scaling education is being developed presently whether we like it or not. <a href=""Marie McAllister brings up another remarkable recent development: “This week the American Council on Education recommended that Coursera’s online courses be granted college credit. ” That should concerne everyone, particularly UMW given we are an ACE school.

    Also, what you need is a good GIF to make your point:


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